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Company background

You know that feeling when you turn up to an event or open a gift that is truly spectacular? You have been able to sit back and enjoy it, without having to do any of the work? If feels like Magic doesn’t it? That’s what we are trying to achieve.

Busy people who have put the thought in and curated the products so all you have to do is purchase the joy, sit back, feel it and share the moment whilst others enjoy it too.

“Squad” features heavily in our designs and our ethos. Feeling part of a community that is greater than yourself is immensely comforting and connecting with likeminded people whether they are family or friends in this way brings us all closer together.

Elf Squad is as much about what we are doing behind the scenes to bring you the magic as your support is magic to us.

Elf Magic Ethos

The gift brings joy to the giver as well as the receiver – even if they are one in the same.

Quality, our product are curated so that they are used often and enjoyed during that time. Of course there are always cheaper versions but that is not what Elf Magic are about, we are about quality first and foremost.

Practical, the products can be used and people want to use them.

Supporting Australian Farmers, specifically in our current range, Australian Cotton Farmers and Australian Wheat Farmers. All our pillowcases and T-Shirts use Australian Cotton.

Supporting Australian Businesses, we support those businesses owned by Australians, employing Australians.

Minimising our environmental footprint, whether it is by curating gifts that are practical, that don’t end up in landfill, ensuring that the packaging around our products is recycled and manufactured here in Australia, partnering with suppliers that share our beliefs, like Frank Green and Sendle, we are working towards reducing our impact on the environment.

As our 9 year old daughter tells us, we have to look after this planet because we can’t move to another one .. so true!

If you have a product that you would like considered for curation the Elf Magic range and it aligns with our pillars above, please email us here with your contact details and a brief description.

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