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Elf Magic Platinum Box


Start a magical Christmas Eve Tradition

Looking to create some joy easily for your children?  This box has been specially curated for 2 – 12 year olds and comes laden with six amazing gifts that children can wear, wonder and be entertained with on or before Christmas Eve.

The Elf Magic Box includes:
  • 1 Elf Squad T-shirt
  • 1 Frank Green Water Bottle in Elf Squad
  • 1 Reindeer Food
  • 1 Munchies^
  • Elf Magic Pillow Case
  • Elf Magic Activity Cards^

EXCLUSIVE – complimentary personalisation of the box.  For the first 50 boxes only**.  That’s a saving of $19.95!

** Valid from 06/10/21 for the first 50 Elf Magic Platinum boxes only. 

* Only items for individual sale are the T-Shirts, everything else comes as part of the box and is not for individual sale.
* If ordering more than 1 personalised elf magic box, please order 1 at a time.
* Elf Magic Box orders will be shipped from the 5th of November 2021.

^ pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual items will be delightfully magical when received

Sorry, All sold out!

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This gorgeous Christmas Eve Box is made in Melbourne from 100% recycled cardboard. Not only does it have the ability to be personalised, a special poem for children also is on the front of the box and it can be used to store toys or pencils throughout the year or kept for next year.

Elf Squad Tshirt: These 180gsm jersey 100% Australian Cotton T-Shirts feel so soft against the skin. Establish your own Elf Squad for those special children in your life, these come in Adult sizes too if you all want to look the same. These 100% Australian Cotton – T-Shirts run very true to the size of most popular brands.  So if you are a women’s size 10-12 you will be a medium in our T-Shirt sizes.

Elf Squad Pillow Cases: Using 100% Australian cotton and uniquely made for this purpose, the “Santa Stop Here Pillowcase” will allow your little one to go to bed in jersy comfort, signally Santa whilst dreaming of Christmas morning. The Santa Stop Here pillowcase is a luxurious 180gram thread of Australian Cotton and is extremely soft against children’s young skin.

ELF Magic Munchies: Sourced locally from 100% Australian produce, these sweet treats will allow children and adults a taste of the Christmas spirit – not too much to spoil their early night. Elf Munchies are for the children – or adults if they wish, just enough sugar to make them excited but not enough to keep them awake.

Reindeer Food: Reindeer Food is an exciting activity and magical experience that everyone can do together whilst supporting Australian Famers. Complete with poetic rhyming instructions make sure Santa doesn’t miss your child’s house this year. A magical brew including Australian rolled oats, biodegradable confetti, Reindeer Food which is ONLY for Reindeers will guide them to your house and biodegrade in an ecofriendly way after Santa has visited. An easy way to establish tradition, keep the Christmas Spirit alive, and involve others to make magical memories.

Elf Magic by Frank Green Drink Bottle: Elf Magic has partnered with Frank Green to develop a Water Bottle (25 Oz) made of recyclable material, made here in Australia with a retractable straw lid. This only needs to be used 15 times before the environmental impact of making these is offset. We are excited that Elf Magic has partnered with Frank Green to curate an indestructible water bottle for our Elf Squad. We all want to do better by our planet. We know how bad single-use, water bottles, and plastics are for the environment. We’re also passionate about something well-designed, stylish, and really convenient for our Elf Squad. Our bottles are curved to fit comfortably in our little Elves’ hands. They’re made of premium, safe materials. They’re recyclable at end of life. And the best part? In as little as 15 uses, you’ll begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your frank green. Frank green was proudly founded in Melbourne, by a passionate environmental advocate, Benjamin Young.

Elf Squad Drink Bottle is:
Made from fully recyclable co-polymer.
25oz / 740ml
Includes Reusable metal straw

Elf Magic Activity Cards: these activity cards are a wonderful way for children of all ages to get into the Christmas spirit.

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